Who Are The People?

I know it’s confusing when you go to court, as more and more of us need to do every single day, and it say’s “THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF COLORADO vs YOUR STRAWMAN HERE. You thought you were the people right? How can you be against yourself, right? You thought it was you that had the innocent until proven guilty benefit of the doubt, rights well beyond any so called statutes, policies, codes, or “LAWS” and could make rational decisions based of what’s best for you and your family.

THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF COLORADO is a title in all capital letters. Titles are reserved for corporations. So your local court must be a corporation that has cleverly named itself THE PEOPLE. You must wonder how a Judge gets elected to a corporate position? The original 13th amendment, duly ratified and included in the history and civics books of the day, expressly forbids BAR members, as agents of a foreign Government from holding public office. So you see all these members of the BAR are really agents of the British, not even able to hold public office. When the Judge tells you it’s his or hers court, they really mean it. It’s not a peoples court.

Your strawman is actually a corporate bank account located in another country. A slap in the face. These BAR members use this system to generate revenue they don’t report to anyone. Did you think all those Airports, Port Authorities, Stadiums, Hospitals, Toll Roads, DMV’s, Water treatment plants, College Campuses, etc… don’t make any money? Does the local Electric co-op make money?!? Yea, enough for a few guys at the top to get filthy stinking rich! Then I’m sure the Nuclear Power plant and Bus/train system makes money as well. It’s a corporate mandate they make money. You pay all the operating costs, they keep all the profit as reported in the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR).

When you see someone in court who is enraged it might be because they know this and the conmen are right there in front of him, trying to make him a victim of their con, or a convict, acting like it’s completely legit they pull you over for no reason and now are trying to extract revenue from you at the point of a gun or trying to throw you in a for profit private prison system.