The Creeps at SLVREC want to get to know you better.

SLVREC wants to know you better.

Would you go to a convenience store and give them your credit card if you suspected they were going to sell that information to a third party? Of course you wouldn’t and it wouldn’t be legal. Would you let a technician into your home if you thought he was going to snoop around your house and record the minutia of your daily life, take note of all your appliances to compile a list of information worth selling? Do we allow peeping toms to roam freely in our neighborhoods? Probably not, so why are we allowing the SLVREC to peep into our homes?

Do we allow the Government to just freely enter our homes at their will or as free people do we have protections and safeguards in place to keep that from happening? So how can the state now harvest your data by paying for it with our tax dollars or even get it for free. Monitoring the home 24/7 is not freedom in any way. Next would be your own personal drone to follow you around to make sure your working to pay for it all?!? We need to stop this nonsense right now.

We can all see where the future revenue for the SLVREC is going to come from. Is their business providing electricity or is it peeping tom private information gathering?