The Creeps at SLVREC are desperate for the intimate details of my life.

We get the cheery notice that we’ll be getting a new smart meter soon so we can “better manage our usage”.

If only managing our usage were a private thing, but apparently managing your own usage better is a public thing. That’s the part I have a problem with, why do they need access beyond my total watt hours? It is electricity they are providing, right? They are a service provider after all.

Now it seems maybe they have a new business strategy, siphoning off personal and private information from the connection you gave them to your home.

Once I went to an autozone, when checking out they asked for my e-mail and I foolishly gave them one. I never got so much spam in my life after that. I went back and yelled at them. The next time I went and they asked I told them about my previous experience and they assured me they do not divulge personal information… This was many years ago and we all know now that they in fact do, it’s a major source of unearned “revenue”. There was a time when I went into an Oriellys auto parts in Taos and even though I was paying in cash they wouldn’t sell me a starter without a phone number, email, etc… I guess my name, make of vehicle and parts I was buying were worth more than the profit from selling the starter. Many of you know what I’m talking about and have been through the same thing. They seem to have stopped lately but at one time they made it a business strategy.

The county we live in is poor, the biggest employer is the state. The majority of households are on welfare, there is a significant population of older people on Social Security and pensions (mostly state). I already subsidize these programs and people with my tax dollars and here the electric company is there to charge them, or me again, full price as well. They literally would not survive without the welfare so I wonder how they think they are so entitled to harvest any data from us at all? Are we cows to be milked? Then there is all the sharing between the electrical company and the local municipality workers, like they are one and the same. Suddenly the 4th amendment doesn’t matter. It matters because like at Orielly’s these idiots don’t know what their business is anymore and profit beats privacy, to them…

Obviously a big difference between Government and Business… The Government which receives it’s authority from the People, only has the authority to regulate industry, not private individuals.

You have to wonder about the workers going around aimlessly replacing meters or turning people off for no reason. What mindless drones. I would say no before turning off someone in the middle of winter because the company I work for want’s to steal their privacy to further increase their portion. If the company cares so little about the paying customers then it must just resent the employees.