San Luis Valley Rural Electrical Cooperative Smart Meters

even on their website smart meters gets no results.

No mention of smart meters on SLVREC website while they tell you about every little bullshit hire, every bullshit contribution, meeting, put out a newsletter, advertise the great things they are doing for the community, etc… This doesn’t seem strange to you?

This is the biggest technology roll-out in all of public utilities history but not a peep from our local, customer owned San Luis Valley Rural Electric Cooperative. You cannot find a single mention of it on their website, just a link to some other website.

You would think maybe they would be bragging about the millions of $$ they got from the government to put these radiation/spy devices on your house. But we can’t find out how much they received anywhere.

How would the smart meter roll-out not even warrant a mention? Is it because we would object? I don’t remember receiving a check from the government for my participation so where did all the money go?

This is why they can spend more money pulling out your electrical pole and wiring than you ever paid in. They already got paid. These people need to be sued and relieved of their positions and we need to elect people to the co-op who actually represent us.

Furthermore why would they be sending out the police to “help” them install one of these meters or to help them cut off your electricity? Is this normal procedure? I’ve never heard of the police having to escort the meter maid when they disconnect you for not paying. You have to ask yourself just what is going on here?

I smell rats. This is what the law actually states:

basically the law states that smart meters are to be a service that the electric company is supposed to be offering so customers can take advantage of wholesale pricing at certain non peak hours of the day. It’s totally optional and if you keep your old analog meter you would just be paying retail rates all the time, like you have been doing.