Are they really using the smart metering program as it was meant to be used?

We’ve all seen outages on TV stations, where they suddenly go to color bars or black, it used to be more common before they had multiple streams of backup. We’ve all noticed KRZA with dead air as well, sometimes for days. We’ve all experienced viruses on our computer and the internet down for small and even extended periods of time. Well in my investigation of smart meters is appears that some utilities aren’t even using the smart meter program for metering and billing but just sending you a bill of your average usage. Many people claim that they have severely limited their usage and even got new smart energy saving appliances just to see that their usage hasn’t changed in the least! Watch for this from the incompetent fools at the SLVREC. From what I’ve seen these idiots can’t even manage to pull out the pole even though they sent out 3 trucks, a backhoe and a police escort!

Read this posting below from an electric consumer and try to figure out what is going on here.

From Raz:

I have complained for years that my bills have escalated since Smart meters were installed — not to prevent expense of readers because we mailed in our monthly reading. Then my fridge began running 24/7 and the fan burned out — and my bill spiked. I finally unplugged the malfunctioning big fridge and hooked up a 4.4cf estimated to consume less than 20 KWH/mo for my usage. Unplugging the 24/7 big fridge barely moved my consumption number. So I found a publication by Duke Energy that tells what appliances consume per time and their wattage. My tv viewing runs 13 KWH per month. All my lights are CFL and I only use them in the room I’m in. My “vampire” appliances — microwave, computer system and tvs – entire system — are on surge strips which I use to shut everything off. I estimate (on high side) 5 KWH/mo for lighting & misc. — eg clock radio at 5 watts runs 1.6 KWH per month. So, pissed as I was that unplugging the big fridge did nothing, I turned off my hot water tank, took tepid showers, and I did my cooking on my propane camp stove. My bill barely budged.
Now, some of you will croak at my consumption, but my bill this month should not have exceeded 40 KWH. It came in at 115 — and I have screamed all the way to the governor. The PSC hung up on me. The electric co just ignores me and continues their LYING consumption numbers. I am in AR.
I write this to tell you that they do indeed LIE and they turn appliances ON — which INCREASES our consumption — and burns them out. Now my 4.4 cf has bouts of 24/7 also.
What I want to know here is if there are any attorneys who are engaged in this fight. I have been documenting this process. Initially, I realized that they weren’t putting a decimal point in the meter reading, hence it was being read at 10-fold actual consumption. But now it has changed. Also, I noted my neighbors getting screwed for 1500 KWH — or 1.5 MILLION watts, and this month, for the first time, their bill is more than $100 less than what they have been charged monthly. I have calculated their consumption and it is no where near 1500 KWH, but they used to heat kennels, and their number never came down after they stopped doing that. I saw a prior year consumption number used on my bill after I had shut everything off. Related to NOTHING.
It appears now that the meter is actually reading per how they are billing. I told them I want a new fridge.
If there’s an attorney out there, keep that in mind!
I am pretty pissed that they can hold us hostage like this, and proving their error accomplishes nothing.
Will someone out there either be an actively engaged attorney who can help, or someone who can forward information on where to continue pursuing these thieves.
Thank you.

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