How the SLVREC and Other Utilities Will Fuck Themselves Good.

As ratepayers opt for solar panels (and other distributed energy resources like micro-turbines, batteries, smart appliances, etc.), it raises costs on other ratepayers and hurts the utility’s credit rating. As rates rise on other ratepayers, the attractiveness of solar increases, so more opt for it. Thus costs on remaining ratepayers are even further increased, the utility’s credit even further damaged. It’s a vicious, self-reinforcing cycle.


The primary objective (so they say) is to eliminate the meter readers, saving the utilities xxx million over a xx time period, but 2 other important features are to eliminate sending out a technician to dis-connect service for non-payment of bills (this is not really important) but another wonderful feature is the mandatory time differential pricing that will happen in a few years. The utilities will have the ability to calculate kilowatt hours used hour by hour for the month billing cycle. They plan on a rate schedule that will vary during peak hours ( I believe it is 2:00 pm to 7:00 pm. During that period, the central office will have the option to charge a premium rate if they chose to. Look out, it’s going to be a whopper, could be $1 or more per KwH! The objective is to force people to not use energy during those periods. Those periods are when the utility company has overloaded circuits and transformers exploding. They pray that people will not use energy during that time because it will be so expensive, and that they won’t have to build more power plants to feed the new load of 10 million meters transmitting 24 hours per day.

So the typical housewives new job will be running around unplugging all the appliances during the middle of the day, sweltering in the heat? She won’t even be able to watch the soaps anymore. Do they honestly think that people won’t be moving to net metering or going off grid completely during this time? This is how to fuck yourself good. This is what I’ve been saying… these idiots lack business acumen! Do they think they are going to somehow pay for legislation making connecting to the grid mandatory!?! My neighbor would have to pay 20k for that to happen and I can tell you he has no full time employment so that’s simply not going to happen. Are the Amish suddenly going to have to connect to the so called “smart grid” too? This is a circus of clusterfucking. Suddenly we all have to connect to the fucking grid so these idiots can still get a paycheck? I don’t think so.