CRAZY! Amish Father Sam Girod Spending 20 Years In Prison For Making Healing Salves.

When the FDA Agents and witnesses came to Sams farm this is what they were met with and describe as intimidation. A bunch of peaceful Amish wondering what's going on.

Readers.  Friends.  Surely someone knows SOMEONE.  We MUST spread this story far and wide to increase the chances of reaching the right person, the one who will end the madness for this Amish father of 12 who was thrown into jail 11 weeks ago (the whole story is below).  Sally Oh, friend of Sam Girod, says, “Signatures on the petition are over 20K — yay! — but have now slowed to a crawl. I know we’ve exhausted our local contacts and friends’ list. We can’t just keep pestering the same people to “sign and share”. We need to get the word out on a bigger scale, to reach outside our immediate circles.”

Sam is in Fayette County prison on old Frankfort Pike in Lexington until sentencing on June 16th. I’ve been there many times holding drug and alcohol counseling meetings. It’s huge and gray, just as awful as can be.  Sam has a 5-person visitor list (no more than 5) which of course are all for family, so I haven’t seen him. The last report was that he was not doing great, feeling down. No surprise.  The chaplain there is incensed by this whole thing. He wrote to Trump and everything.

The worst thing I would imagine (besides the food and being without his family) is the lights and bells and cage. Not being able to be outside. The Amish don’t use electricity — Sam’s never been in so much electricity in his entire life. Now there are doors slamming, whistles blowing, fluorescent lighting from dawn till lights-out. TVs, loudspeakers… I try to imagine what that’s like for him.  It must be completely foreign, like Robinson Crusoe lands on Manhattan.

I think there are two options now for Sam…

  • Sheriff Mack thinks that because Sam’s sentencing date was set so far away from conviction, the judge may give him time served or a very short sentence.  Mandating, of course, that Sam can never make his salves again.
  • The other option is a harsh 20+ years. Early on, I called several hi-profile attorneys asking for help for Sam (Sam was still using an attorney then). When those attorneys heard who the judge was, they ALL laughed out loud and said, “Sam’s done. That’s the hanging judge.”

I know I am not alone in being heartbroken about this.  It is also terrifying to think a thing like this could ever be taken so far here in the land of the free. And that our elected officials could be so silent.

What would it take to get them to speak up, I wonder?  

If you know any radio or TV hosts, any bloggers, podcasters, YouTubers — mainstream or alternative, no matter size of audience — please put me in contact with them. You can comment here.  Share with me any news outlets that might talk about Sam.  They all have an audience of “new” people, that’s how we can get those signatures climbing again. I’ll talk to anyone anytime.  We are not alone in our efforts. Sheriff Richard Mack is working hard to free Sam as are others closely working with Sam’s family.

If Sam is really going to spend the rest of his life in prison over a labeling infraction — charges made up out of thin air by an out-of-control federal agency, with not a single victim — the world needs to know.  Apparently you and I are the only ones who can make that happen.  

There is literally an ocean of people out there who have no idea this is happening in their own backyards. If this could happen to Sam, it can happen to anyone.  With very very few exceptions, everyone who knows about Sam’s story is touched by it and moved to act. I love the love and passion that surrounds him on the outside and on the inside, too, from what I’ve heard.

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