Deadly Brain Tumor Rates Rise in U.S. and Europe – Cell Phones to Blame?

Deadly brain tumor rates on the increase in the UK, US, Denmark, Netherlands and Sweden, is it attributable to mobile phones?

Deadly Brain Tumor Rates Rise in U.S. and Europe – Cell Phones to Blame?

A simple question posed by the telecommunications industries and its regulators is oft quoted “if exposure to mobile phone frequencies causes cancer, why are cancer rates falling?” Within the past year or so, this question is slowly being answered and its implications are deeply worrying. Whilst the total number of cancers are falling in some countries, certain ‘rare’ types of brain tumours are rising and these tumours are associated with studies looking at the usage of mobile phones.

Much of the data and information contained in this article can be found at It is an excellent source of the latest scientific, medical and epidemiological studies on mobile phone use and its carcinogenic effects on our biology.  

Rates of glioblastoma multiforme (IV), an aggressive and deadly form of brain tumour, are increasing in the UK, US, Netherlands, Sweden, and Denmark. This is ominous because as in smoking and cancer induction, a certain time span is required before cancer sets in the body and is recognised as such by medical and scientific bodies. No one is really sure on the latency period between exposure to microwave radiation emitted from cell phone and WIFI router antennas and the induction of carcinogenic processes within the body.

Maybe it is between 15 – 25 years for heavy users and God-knows how long for casual users. The real point of this article is that these data are starting to come in from all corners of the globe and these epidemiological and medical studies are all statistically significant. In other words, these data show causal effect and are not due to chance or probability.

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