The Dangers of Cell Phones; There’s A Report

Plenty of studies have been done showing the harm of microwave technology, hell, they even use them as weapons! Still the tools at the San Luis Valley Rural Electric Cooperative have never heard of any of these studies. No doubt federal dollars have kept them from hearing and understanding the truth about this technology and it’s harmful effects on the living.

The Dangers of Cell Phones; There’s A Report

By Catherine J. Frompovich

What would you think if I told you there is deliberate, governmental suppression of important health reports and information? One normally would think federal and city/county/state health agencies would be bending over backwards to bring factual health and precautionary information to the public they serve.

Well, there’s documented proof the State of California is messing around with keeping important cell phone dangers information from public access and the residents of that state. California officials apparently are involved in what could be considered either a conspiracy of silence or collusion to deceive the scientific facts about cell phone health dangers in the report “Cell Phones and Health” produced in 2014—of which there were 27 rewritten versions—but never released to the public to date.

Activists in California took the matter to court and the judge ruled Professor Joel M. Moskowitz, PhD, only can receive a copy of that suppressed report, apparently after learning the suppressed report was not released to the public because:

  1. If that report were released, it would harm the cell phone industry!
  2. The report’s information could cause chaos among the public!
  3. There’s no need to release the report since the CDC issued [cell phone] warnings, which is not a factual statement according to Cindy Franklin, Director of Consumers for Safe Cell Phones.