LOL! Paper Battery Just One Example of Why The San Luis Valley Rural Electric Cooperative DOOMED!

Two board members of the San luis valley rural electric cooperative meet to discuss how better to serve you.

It’s like I’ve been saying, the SLVREC, the San Luis Valley Rural Electric Cooperative is desperate and this is just one example why. A battery with unlimited potential (possibly even unlimited capacitance as well) made out of paper! Look they just print the conductor on both sides, using the paper as insulator. The guy below couldn’t run his scooter down with one the size of a phone book! It would charge up on it’s own due to temperature fluctuations! Bwahahahahah! FUCK YOU SAN LUIS VALLEY RURAL ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE NAZIS!!!!!!! Find a real job and start producing like men should you fucking ticks! Parasitic SLV pinheads… please observe a real man below. This is how real men behave, they produce. You, on the other hand, will cut off a single mothers electricity before Christmas time, in the dead of winter and then cut down the poles trying to ruin their property value if they don’t want your cancer causing spy/smart meter. What the fuck is wrong with you?!?

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