In the business world, sometimes your investment is not so obvious. San Luis Valley Liberator Dot Com was created from our experience with the San Luis Valley Rural Electrical Cooperative. It is being used to showcase the business practices that they seem to think are acceptable. Extortion, threats, passing along private information, not being a blessing to the valley, but a curse, lying, trying to create hardships for your neighbors for profit, etc. Please consider buying some of the products or using some of the services showcased in our sidebar. Consider going off grid or using a grid tied system to reduce the San Luis Valley Electrical Cooperatives portion even further. Buy some LED bulbs, anything to further reduce their portion.

The goal is to increase your portion by taking directly from their portion. They have decided that to acquire your private daily habits and personal information is the most important thing so you must deny them this.

The easiest way to do this is to go off grid. This sounds daunting but it was laughably easy and pain free. We already had a few inverters and car batteries on standby for the regular outages. You may spend a little money but it’s well spent and if you buy it locally then you can increase one of your neighbors portions too!

The important things.

  1. Refrigeration: You have to buy a new refrigerator that sips energy. $1000-$2000.
  2. Lights, you need to go LED lighting. about $3-$15 x however many light bulbs you need. They have some nice battery operated lights that hang on the wall. You could get rechargeable AA for them.
  3. Solar Panels and batteries. We needed 14 100watt ($1400) Solar panels and 6 6v solar batteries ($1100).
  4. Inverter. An inverter capable of taking the place of the co-ops wires will run you about $700-$900. You might want a couple of these.

That’s about it. 5K at the high end but everything has 10-20 year warranties. In 20 years you can give the co-op 36k (at 150/month) or you could have been self sufficient all this time. and saved yourself 30k and denied the greedy peepers at the SLVREC your portion and any data they might have stolen. It’s a win/win.